Field Scout

Manteca, CA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

Primary Role

Primary Role: Assist the Pest Control Advisor to ensure quality of crops grown while achieving maximum yield through timely chemical/nutrient spray and fertilizer applications by continually monitoring fields.


· Clean DMV record.

· Basic math and computer skills.

· Helpful if bilingual but not necessary, good communicator.

· Knowledge of basic farm mechanics.

· Able to work flexible hours, some weekends, and in hot or cold weather.

· Self-motivated, independent, and able to work with or without others or full-time supervision.

· Critical thinking skills such as being a proactive problem solver, solution based thinker or organizer.

· Able to keep detailed & organized records.

· General interest in production agriculture.


    1. Inspect field sites and crops while recording insect pests, disease, weed & plant health observations to assist with timely, informed economical field crop decisions.
    2. Locate and identify insect pests, disease, & weeds that may impact yield & quality of the crop then communicate findings with PCA & Agronomy.
    3. Identify weeds that are growing in fields (preferably when they are less than 3 inches tall) and make verbal recommendations to PCA & Agronomy for herbicide or mechanical control methods.
    4. Use knowledge of crop growth stages to predict potential problems during all stages of plant growth.
    5. Identify and diagnose crop diseases or pest infestation.
    6. Assist PCA & Agronomy in their role as needed or instructed.
    7. Works independently and collaboratively, performing detail oriented, multiple level projects in conjunction with duties.
    8. Work with production crews and office staff while fostering a positive environment of respect and safety for staff, customers, vendors and environment.
    9. Daily contact with PCA to go over finds in the field while also setting priorities for future days.