Irrigation and Plant Health Manager Assistant

Manteca, CA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

Primary Role

Primary Role: Daily irrigation scheduling for alfalfa, corn, beans, plus assisting in scheduling for primary crops of pumpkins, watermelons, and almonds.

Secondary Role: Check fertilizer and sulfuric acid tank levels, as well as checking water pH levels across numerous ranches and individual well sites.

Tertiary Role: Scout appropriate field sites for insect pests, plant diseases, crop quality, and plant nutrition.


1. Valid CA driver’s license

2. Minimum 2 years’ experience as a field scout in agriculture production

3. Ability to scout & monitor 500+ acres per day

4. Excellent communicator with bilingual Spanish-speaking abilities a major plus


    1. Oversee the irrigation and fertilizer schedule in the following crops: beans, corn, alfalfa, and gourds.
    2. Daily scouting of fields for pest issues, nutrition, quality.
    3. 2-3 times weekly, check chemical tank inventory and report to the IPHM on a spreadsheet provided.
    4. Weekly sulfuric acid checks of both tank levels and water pH levels.
    5. Water samples for irrigation suitability and nitrates on all ag pumps.
    6. Learn VGS irrigation systems and give recommendations on ways to improve efficiencies.