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Van Groningen Family Farming History


Van Groningen Pumpkins
Dan Van Groningen
Dan Van Groningen

Van Groningen & Sons, Inc. is a continuation of a farming operation that started here in California in 1922 by Henry Van Groningen Sr. Henry arrived in America in 1910 from the Netherlands. He first farmed in Minnesota but then moved to Hanford, California in the Fresno area in 1922. There he started a dairy.

In 1929 the family moved to Ripon, California. With the help of his four sons, Henry started another dairy and by 1939 began farming row crops. In 1945 Art and his brother, Henry, took over the family farm. This partnership between Art and his brother lasted for 25 years. After this long and successful partnership between the brothers, it became clear the the next generation was ready to get involved.

Art's two sons, Robert and Dan, returned from military service and were ready to step into the family business. After they joined the business it only seemed natural that the two younger brothers, John and Marvin, would follow. While all four brothers where passionate about their family's farm, they could not have predicted the success that the combination of their talents would yield.

For 30 years Art's four sons refined and expanded the family business successfully. With the new millennium Art's grandchildren began stepping in, all sharing their fathers' passion for the family business. Jason, Bryan, Ryan, and Paul have all joined Van Groningen & Sons, each bringing their own talents and expertise as well as their passion to continually improve this business that bears their name.

The Van Groningen name has now become closely linked to melons, sweet corn, fall decor, and almonds. With a new generation of talent and passion, you are sure to see the Van Groningen farm last into the future.

Historic Pumpkin Picture
Historic Pumpkin Loading
Historic Fruit Stand
Historic Watermelon Harvest
Historic Pumpkin Field
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