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Juice Ingredients

Watermelon Juice Ingredients
Yosemite Fresh Watermelon
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Yosemite Fresh Juice Ingredients

Van Groningen & Sons, Inc. offers both organic and conventional Watermelon ingredients. Yosemite Fresh watermelon ingredient products provide our customers with healthy natural ingredients for their beverages and food products. We are an ingredient supplier, our main focus ingredients include our NFC Watermelon Juice, Puree and Concentrate. As people are looking for a healthier lifestyle, they are looking for beverages and food that contain more natural food ingredients. We have in place the methodology and equipment to produce products that are becoming recognized throughout the industry for their excellence. 

Watermelon Juice

All natural, pulp-free watermelon juice that is refreshingly healthy. Rich with vitamins and L-Citrulline (which has been proven to relieve muscle soreness), Yosemite Fresh Watermelon Juice tastes as good as it makes you feel. The perfect, healthier alternative to processed, sugar rich juices. Our watermelon juice is sure to add the perfect summertime flavor to any product.

NFC juice
organic NFC juice

Watermelon Concentrate

Organic Clarified

Processed from our very own freshly harvested Yosemite Fresh watermelons, our concentrate is the best source for watermelon flavor. This all natural concentrate is ready to be used to add the sweet, refreshing taste of watermelon to formulate your next product recipe. Let us source your endeavor with the finest, pasteurized, watermelon concentrate on the market.

Organic Cloudy
NFC puree

Watermelon Puree

Yosemite Fresh Puree is truly watermelon in liquid form. All of the vitamin rich, sweet flavor of a watermelon in a puree that encompasses the refreshing taste of summer.  Perfect to use when you want the pulp of our watermelons to indicate just how fresh and direct from the source your ingredients are.

organic NFC puree
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