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Yosemite Fresh Watermelon
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Yosemite Fresh Watermelons

We offer some of the best varieties of watermelons available, ensuring both sweetness and quality. Our watermelons are precisely sized and packed to our customer's specifications. The central valley offers the perfect environment for growing high quality watermelons. At Van Groningen & Sons, Inc. we grow both seededseedless, and mini watermelons in our fields. The valley's hot days and cool nights play a key role in making our watermelons the sweetest in the west. The sweetness of a watermelon is measured by a unit called brix. Time and time again our Yosemite Fresh watermelons have been tested and found to contain the highest brix. Our Mini Yosemite Fresh watermelons are just as sweet as our traditional watermelons and conveniently sized for personal dining. Our mini watermelons have the perfect balance of rind thickness to extend the shelf life of the product while still ensuring a hearty, sweet, juicy center!

Seedless Watermelon Specs

Watermelon Nutritional Info

We like to consider watermelon to be nature's multi-vitamin, packed full of vitamins and other nutrients! This heart healthy fruit is actually considered to be the lycopene leader, containing more lycopene than tomatoes. Watermelons are naturally low in saturated fat and proven to offer essential amino acids. Combine this with watermelon's healthy dose of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Potassium and it becomes clear to see why we consider watermelons to be natural multi-vitamins that taste delicious!

Personal Watermelon Specs

Mini Watermelon Advantage

Love the great taste, nutritional value, or both of Watermelon, but don't plan on having a summer block party? Mini watermelons are a perfect fit for you! This smaller variety of the same delicious fruit are a great idea for someone who wants to enjoy the same crisp taste of a fresh slice of watermelon without having to buy "a whole lotta" watermelon! These personal sized watermelons usually range between two and five pounds making them ideal for the demands of a smaller gathering or a quaint summer picnic.

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