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Almonds & Walnuts

Almonds & Walnuts
Van Groningen & Sons
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VGS Almonds & Walnuts

Van Groningen & Sons, Inc. has been a proud Blue Diamond grower since 1937. With over 70 years of experience, the Van Groningen's continue to offer a high quality product.


Not only are walnuts a great tasting addition to any salad or baked good, but they are also wonderfully nutritious. Each nut is packed with essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. Walnuts contain the highest amount of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the plant-based omega-3 essential fatty acid required by the human body. It doesn't stop there: according to a 2006 study on antioxidants, walnuts ranked second only to blackberries in terms of antioxidant content. Talk about one amazing nut! To get more information about walnuts and their outstanding benefits, visit the California Walnut Commission's website!



These nutrient dense nuts are not only packed full of vitamins and minerals, but also may help reduce heart attack risk, lower cholesterol, and aid in the prevention of cancer. By weight, almonds are the tree nut containing the highest amount of proteins, fiber, Calcium, Vitamin E, Riboflavin, and Niacin! They are also an excellent source of magnesium and manganese, a good source of copper and phosphorous, and a great way to get the healthy fats that are essential for your health without all the other unhealthy fats. Visit the California Almond Board to learn more about the nutritional benefits of almonds!

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