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Crops & Soils Logistics Operator

Manteca, CA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

Primary Role

Primary Role: Transport all synthetic liquid and dry fertilizer products from various suppliers/ports for delivery to agricultural field sites. Assist in transporting spray application equipment as well as repair and maintain liquid fertilizer storage tanks.

Secondary Role: Manage waste container levels and be responsible for moving and disposing of them as needed.

Tertiary: Assist harvest transportation department as a fill in/back up driver during the harvest season as needed.


1. Valid Class A driver’s license

2. Doubles & triples endorsement

3. Tanker endorsement

4. TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) card is optional – for access into the Port of Stockton

5. This position requires strong physical endurance due to constant climbing, bending, lifting up to 50 pounds, and pulling 20+ lb hoses.


    1. Pick up all synthetic dry and liquid fertilizer from suppliers/ports for delivery to ag field sites as directed by management and PCA’s
    2. Assist in monitoring inventory levels of liquid & dry fertilizer as requested by management
    3. Monitor fertilizer equipment and report necessary repairs to department head
    4. Be responsible to track waste container locations and ensure they are disposed of and moved as needed and as directed by management
    5. Assist our department’s Spray Application Lead in moving equipment as directed
    6. Assist in managing the recycling of chemical containers & hauling empties to the landfill as directed by management
    7. Manage field site storage tank inventory & perform repairs/cleaning as directed by management
    8. Manage transportation of all field storage tanks from shop to field sites
    9. Be willing and available to assist transportation department during the harvest season
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